We specialize in commercial and industrial auctions, particularly restaurant and automotive-related auctions. Check our website regularly for upcoming auctions or sign up for automatic email notifications by clicking HERE.

Before hiring an auctioneer, ask for 5-6 references from auctions recently conducted that are similar to yours and make certain you check them. Not all auctioneers are equally knowledgeable about the type of equipment you need liquidated. Nor do all auctioneers aggressively market their auctions.

Each auctioneer offers a variety of services to their clients. The fees charged for an auction can vary significantly depending upon the services selected. Remember – in most cases you will get what you pay for, so be very thorough asking questions of every auctioneer you interview. Choose the one in whom you believe will act in your best interest.

To more efficiently reach the service you are searching for, click one of the following links:

National Auctioneers Association website – Look here for tips on selecting the best auctioneer for your particular circumstance and preparing for an auction. This website is a terrific resource for anyone considering hiring an auctioneer – experienced or not.

You can pre-register for any of our auctions by filling out a Pre-Registration Form.  Please contact us for instructions about where to submit completed forms.  Simply sign it, date it with the date of the auction you will be attending, and email it to BusinessAuctioneer@gmail.com by 5:00 PM the day before the auction.

Once you’ve provided all of your detailed information for an auction, we keep it on file, so you only need to print the name under which you’ve registered, sign and date the form at subsequent auctions to receive your assigned bidder number.

If you have questions about any of our auctions or services we provide, please call us at 757-512-8833.